I want to express a BIG thank you to Robert de Wilde for helping us navigate to align on our purpose at Keencorp. What an amazing experience. Robert, you’re our North Star!
— Viktor Mirovic, CEO Keencorp (employee engagement tool based on AI) (March 2019)
During a period of three months, Robert and I met on several occasions. During these meetings, which took place in a friendly and relaxed setting, Robert helped me with dealing with stressful situations which I encountered during my transition from a junior role to a more senior role within an international law firm. Afterwards I noticed that my ability to put things into perspective has greatly improved and that I gained confidence when facing stressful situations

In een periode van drie maanden heeft Robert mij geholpen om te gaan met stressvolle situaties waarin ik mij in mijn carrière steeds vaker bevond. Sindsdien merk ik dat ik beter in staat ben om dingen in perspectief te plaatsen en dat ik meer zelfvertrouwen heb als ik onder hoge (werk)druk sta. Wat voor mij erg fijn was, was dat de meetings met Robert laagdrempelig waren en altijd in een relaxte en vriendschappelijke sfeer plaatsvonden.
— Associate at an international law firm based in Amsterdam/Advocaat bij een internationaal kantoor in Amsterdam
Most important thing I learned from Robert is how to cope with difficult situations and confrontations, I still use his excercise every time I face something I dread.
— Female Coaching Client
Robert helped me very well in articulating my individual ‘why’- purpose and intent. He facilitated this intensive process with elegance and professionalism which enabled me to freely express myself in this explorative and self reflective journey.
— Chief Operating Officer APAC, Renoir Consulting (Singapore)
Robert showed me 2 years ago how you can look at yourself in a positive yet critical way. Because of this I started to see what my strengths and weaknesses are, but it has become clear to me which way I want to go in my working life. By keeping the conversations very open but always guiding me the right way in these conversations, a lot has become clear to me about myself as a person and an individual. Thanks Robert!
— Daan Temminck (Coaching Client)
Robert has assisted me in value alignment and rebranding workshops with clients these past years. His interpersonal skills, in particularly his ability to listen combined with a well developed sense of what people long for makes him one of my preferred facilitators.
— Xander Meyer, Native Circles (Corporate Client)
I needed a coach who could empathize with my personal situation and actually help. It soon turned out that Robert had these qualities at his disposal to quickly achieve the point of return with me with an appropriate approach. In the last phase Robert helped with a hands-on approach to a heavy selection procedure, which resulted in a new challenging job.
— Bram Boogaerdt 't Hooft, Triple I Impact Investment (Coaching Client)
Robert helped me formulate new goals for my company, and ensured that they were implemented. By listening carefully Robert has also come up with new insights, about my work and my functioning in it. In addition, it’s nice to talk to Robert, we laughed a lot and that is also important!
— Bob van der Sluis, Sluistex (entrepreneur in textiles) (coach client)