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“No person can achieve mastery on his or her own”

New York Times (2015)

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Are you looking for a life coach or business coach? My name is Robert de Wilde and I'm a certified coach from Amsterdam with 10+ years experience. I welcome clients from all walks of life (this is what they say). Among them have been:

Corporate professionals: are you a professional or leader in law, marketing, advertising, or any other field in a corporate environment and wish to have a sparring partner to make some changes?

Having been a corporate lawyer at multinational companies (including US, UK, Japanese and South African) companies for 15+ years helps me to understand the challenges of corporate life and working in teams.

Business owners: are you starting a new business or are you looking for inspiration to refresh, pick up new business ideas, new channels, become more innovative, more digital and together come up with new ideas?

Other: are you battling (too) many projects, whether creative or in work or family, with a desire to grow or live more healthy? Or you may have the feeling you don’t reach full potential and want to make some changes with the help of a trusted person.



My coaching is done in English or Dutch and is solution based (instead of problem based). The method consists of proven techniques and focuses on the following components: (a) interaction with family, colleagues & management (b) self-leadership, (c) work-life balance, and (d) goal setting.

How long does it take?

  • usually 3 – 10 sessions

  • each session is 1 hour minimum.

  • the program is tailored to your specific desires.

Pricing depends on specific needs and wishes.



Life Coaching: in-person coaching to make some changes in personal life.

Business Coaching:  in-person coaching for corporate professionals, consultants, advisors or business owners.

Online Coaching: if you are abroad or do not have the opportunity to travel, online coaching may be for you. Recently, I have worked with clients from Singapore, London and Bruxelles.

The above quote

The quote on top of this page comes from the article "The Moral Bucketlist", New York Times (2015), and reflects my belief that whatever we do and achieve, we often benefit from someone who can inspire and helps with breakthroughs.


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I want to express a BIG thank you to Robert de Wilde for helping us navigate to align on our purpose at Keencorp. What an amazing experience. Robert, you’re our North Star!
— Viktor Mirovic, CEO Keencorp (employee engagement tool based on AI)
Robert helped me with dealing with stressful situations which I encountered during my transition from a junior role to a more senior role within an international law firm. Afterwards I noticed that my ability to put things into perspective has greatly improved and that I gained confidence when facing stressful situations.

Robert heeft mij geholpen om te gaan met stressvolle situaties. Sindsdien merk ik dat ik beter in staat ben om dingen in perspectief te plaatsen en dat ik meer zelfvertrouwen heb als ik onder hoge (werk)druk sta. De meetings waren laagdrempelig en altijd in een relaxte en vriendschappelijke sfeer.
— Associate at an international law firm based in Amsterdam/Advocaat bij een internationaal kantoor in Amsterdam
Most important thing I learned from Robert is how to cope with difficult situations and confrontations, I still use his excercise every time I face something I dread.
— Female coaching client
Robert helped me very well in articulating my individual ‘why’- purpose and intent. He facilitated this intensive process with elegance and professionalism which enabled me to freely express myself in this explorative and self reflective journey.
— Chief Operating Officer APAC, Renoir Consulting (Singapore) (coaching client)

Robert heeft mij 2 jaar geleden laten zien hoe je op een positieve doch kritische manier naar jezelf kan kijken. Hierdoor ben ik gaan inzien wat mijn sterke en zwakke punten zijn, maar vooral is voor mij duidelijk geworden welke kant ik op wil gaan in mijn werkende leven. Door de gesprekken heel open te houden maar mij wel elke keer de goede kant uit te leiden in deze gesprekken, is voor mij een hoop duidelijk geworden over mijzelf als mens en individu. Dank Robert!
— Daan Temminck (coaching client)

“Robert has assisted me in value alignment and rebranding workshops with clients these past years. His interpersonal skills, in particularly his ability to listen combined with a well developed sense of what people long for makes him one of my preferred facilitators.
— Xander Meyer, Native Circles (corporate client)

Ik had behoefte aan een coach die zich kon inleven in mijn persoonlijke situatie en daadwerkelijk zou kunnen helpen. Al snel bleek Robert over deze eigenschappen te beschikken om zodoende snel met een passende aanpak de point of return bij mij te bewerkstelligen. In de laatste fase heeft Robert met een hands-on aanpak geholpen om een zware selectieprocedure door te komen, wat resulteerde in een nieuwe uitdagende baan.
— Bram Boogaerdt ‘t Hooft (coaching client)

Robert heeft me geholpen bij het formuleren van nieuwe doelstellingen voor mijn bedrijf, en erop toegezien dat deze ook werden uitgevoerd. Door goed te luisteren is Robert ook met nieuwe inzichten gekomen, over mijn werk en mijn functioneren hierin. Daarnaast, is het leuk om met Robert te praten, we hebben veel gelachen en dat is ook belangrijk!
— Bob van der Sluis, ondernemer (coaching client)



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