I have been hired by entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, family businesses, coaches and artists. Both one-on-one as well as in team settings. My personal purpose (or Why):

To let others extend themselves to that they will grow and see new opportunities for themselves.

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That is what I will help you to do in the coaching. Extend.

Extend yourself to

  • do more business

  • identify more diverse segments

  • reach farther

  • be more original

  • be innovative


  • career switches, e.g. from expert to management roles

  • find inner purpose for yourself, your business or team

  • new business models for existing business

  • innovative and creative brainstorms followed by actions

  • discuss proposals and commercial offers to new clients

  • entering into a new branch, or business model: reinventing your current business.

We will take you and your business on a journey where new goals and new areas will reveal themselves. Professional change is not easy. I have been know to reinvent myself from lawyer to entertainment agent, to coach and mediator. I use my own experience and my passion for transformation to work with you to re-boot and set goals.

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HOW WE DO IT For Teams

In team setting we work as follows. There are two steps:

  1. Purpose and goals of the company will be formulated. This will reveal the true purpose as it is felt by you and/or the members of the team or company as a group.


  2. formulate business goals and actions that embody the new purpose.

Why: better connection with clients and promoters

This results in:

  • clearer idea of the business you are in

  • team members having an aligned story about why the company does what it does.

  • Instead of what you do, you will be guided to explain to yourselves and the outside world Why you do it.

  • More feeling our roots, our purpose, less talk about “what it is you do”. The principle of this method: telling others what you do does not sell products, explaining why you do things will.

  • Better connection with clients, employees, friends and all promoters of your business.

Goal setting

The goals make sure the good feeling is not just inspiration, but will trigger new actions and help to land your purpose in the new business. Instead of only ‘talk the talk’, walk the walk.

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This is how we do it:

Two-day WHY workshop:

Day 1: Developing Why

  • Storytelling 1: Develop Pride and Impact stories (and sharing)

  • Storytelling 2: Contribution and Impact stories (and sharing)


  • Developing Candidate Whys (Why 1.0)

Day 2: How and What

  • Finetuning Why 1.0

  • Creative brainstorm: what follows from our Why 2.0


  • Formulate actions based on the new Why

Startups like Keencorp, a tech company using artificial intelligence for HR purposes, chose us in 2019 to facilitate their Why session.


In our approach, the philosophy of Zenergy to facilitation is visible. Robert is a Zenergy Unlimited certified facilitator and MfN mediator.

Three components form the basis of the our philosophy:

Whole Person listening: head (what we understand) and belly (what we experience) flow together.

Experiential Learning (learn by doing)

Collective Intelligence (embrace the collective wisdom of the group).

We support collective decision making and building a deeper bond between members of a group, tribe or team. We see our role as a facilitation team to enhance the development of mutual understanding as we guide a group to achieve their purpose.

We build on:

  • Thoughts : old and new values. Creating a culture consisting of a set of behaviors for years to come as a team. Connect individual values to group value.

  • Words : special (customary) words, stories or old songs from the company founder, tribe, or family ancestry will be revisited.

  • Experience: we use creativity sessions, where you will create something that embodies the spirit (values) of a team or family. 



Corporate professionals: having been part of many (multinational) corporate teams and inter-disciplinary corporate teams I have experience with challenges that surround corporate professionals. We will tackle issues that are encountered in your corporate life; colleagues, management, leadership, work-life balance, setting goals for the future.

People in Professional Service Firms (lawyers, consulting and advertising). Competitive faced-paced environments, quick learning is key, often the rule is ‘up or out’. In my previous life as a corporate lawyer for a major Dutch firm, I was facing similar challenges as the people I'm currently coaching.

Business Owners: being independent, innovative and hardworking is challenging; the journey can be lonely and finding continued inspiration is hard. We will regain inspiration to pick up new business ideas, new channels, become more innovative, more digital and together come up with new ideas.


HOW WE DO IT For Individuals

I have been hired by entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, family businesses, coaches and artists. Both one-on-one as well as in team settings.

I have been hired by entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, family businesses, coaches and artists. Both one-on-one as well as in team settings.


In this program you will tackle issues like disengagement, stress, doubts about your work and your role and work on specific goals. In this program we look at personal values, motives/drivers, and talents, interaction with people in the workplace, performance and goal setting.

Topics: How to deal with management, leadership issues, stress-management, setting short term and long term goals, how to recognize leadership styles  (and respond to this), your way of communication and styles of others.

Tools: We use value exercises, exercises to implement habits that make you more effective fulfilled, including visualization, mindfulness, creative and real-life exercises.


  • Clear steps tailor-made to your interests

  • A better idea of who you are in work and personal life

  • Renewed outlook on business and personal challenges

  • Learn to safeguard your true values (‘persoonlijke waarden’)



In this program we work on being a fit corporate professional. Issues you will tackle are disengagement, low levels of wellbeing, emptiness, fatigue.  You will learn new behaviours to feel more balanced and fit in the corporate environment. Tools and methods come from my experiences as a cyclist and doing (half) triathlons.

Topics: We will (a) test emotional, physical, and spiritual levels and create way to improve (b) build resilience and enable high performance (c) setting goals.

Tools: we use principles of health and wellbeing, meditation, visualization, that make you more energized to handle challenge in work and personal life.


  • The latest knowledge on healthy habits

  • Tools such as meditation and visualization skills

  • More resilience and balance

  • Achieve one or two fitness goals