what I am doing


February 2019:

In 2019 I moved out of of my beloved neighbourhood the Jordaan - I moved to a new place near the Amstel, looking over new neighbourhood Amstelkwartier.

My new view. I still am arranging things after a week of moving in.

My new view. I still am arranging things after a week of moving in.

Professionally, the emphasis is on:


This is new. I started teaching communication skills and tech law at the law faculty @ HvA in the summer of 2018. Teaching 17-24 year olds has been an old passion and I am excited to have picked it up again. It’s no joke, but I am hanging in there!


I coach professionals and entrepreneurs. In February I facilitated two teams of a start-up on artificial intelligence on the Why of their company. Read here how that works.

In 2018 we created a growth tribe (de ‘Groeicabine’) with other business owners of varying fields. We find that it is powerful to have support and inspiration coming from crew of like-minded entrepreneurs. It keeps us focused, on what we need to do. And it allows me to see things from at least five different perspectives.

I am still blogging bi-weekly on various topics relating to business coaching, team coaching, life coaching.


Mediation (not meditation) is the art of facilitating conflicts – so, it comes down to living in harmony with your environment. In 2018 founded exploreMediation and I am working to build this company.

I plan to do at least a few half-triathlons and hopefully a marathon in my place of birth Madrid.

Lastly, since 3 years with two partners we started organizing a for friends and family event: the Geijsteren Enduro - a mini triathlon in Limburg. In 2018 we went from 40 to 80 participants, and the list will no doubt grow for this year.

This ‘now’ page is part of the bigger project Nownownow by Derek Sivers.