Recently I worked with clients from Singapore, London and Bruxelles. If you feel comfortable working on personal growth remotely: try online coaching. If you are abroad or do not have the opportunity to travel, or simply like working online this might be for you. The online coaching has three versions: 90 minutes consultation, the Taster Program (4 weeks) and the Commitment Program (3 months). We will speak through Skype, use Slack and e-mail. I am passionate about remote collaboration, see what I wrote about remote teams.



(90 min call)

For Who and What is it: Personal and Business coaching

Duration: 90 minutes

Benefit: You will get a bird's eye’s view of where improvements can be made and what coaching is.



(MAx. 4 weeks)

For Who and What is it: This Program is for everyone who is interested in knowing more about coaching. We will do 4 60-minute Skype calls. We’ll talk about your business and personal challenges. Each challenge will bring about exercises and inner learnings. In these sessions you will have a better idea what are your main values in life and what is holding you back. Plus: we will discuss your personal intentions to make improvements. If you wish, a recording of our session with notes and tasks can be made for you. Message access for accountability and support for a period of 90 days.

Duration: Four 60 minute Skype calls - in a 4 week period
After the sessions, there may be simple assignments for you, to practice or reflect on what we discussed during our calls.

Benefit: This if for you if you have a basic idea of where you wish to make changes but need someone to keep you accountable and reflect with you on your thoughts and behaviour. After each coaching session you will experience more clarity on your personal goals and feel more inspired to take action. After this program you will have a better idea of what to work on and how to tackle your intended outcomes. Additionally, you will have a better idea of coaching sessions and about inner learnings.



For Who and What is it: This Program is tailored for those who work for corporate professionals. Four components:
(A) what are your personal values, motives/drivers, and talents (B) interaction with people in your work and personal life (C) stress management and lifestyle (D) setting goals. Stop doing that what takes energy and do (more) that gives energy. Everyone has dreams - but it needs a little support to bring it above the surface.
Process: This is a practical program; it is realistic and doable. You will set one or two personal goals. This goal can be a new job, a side project making your life more interesting and fun. Tools: We use value exercises, exercises to implement habits that make you more fulfilled. Visualization, mindfulness, creative and real-life exercises.

The motto: Without execution an idea has little value.

Outcomes: (1) what are your strong points (2) what is the dream behind it (3) clear steps to implement. At the end of each call you will set some goals. In addition there will be exercises on paper or in real life, to practice what we discussed during our calls.

Duration: Eight 60 minute Skype calls - in a 3 month period - plus additional message support whenever you need it.
Throughout the 3-month period I will send you messages through our personalized platform and keep you inspired with TedxTalks, tutorials, articles and book suggestions. Through this platform you will experience that I am available for a little talk, exchange thoughts or to simply bounce some ideas off me.

Benefit: We’ll go deep into your questions. We’ll do exercises and tasks to support you in the pursuit of your goals, and hold space for you to really listen to yourself along the way. After each coaching session you will experience more clarity on your personal goals and feel more inspired to take action.