I support my clients in reaching their goals in life and work by offering: Balancing life and personal life. Stress management. How to safeguard your authenticity. How to be creative in a world of mass consumption. What are your personal values. How to build acquisition skills: sell yourself and your firm. Be healthy and still be social. Management and leadership skills: how to manage your colleagues and management. Be more digital; stay fresh in the game.

Although I welcome clients from all walks of life, my focus is on clients operating in or working at:

Corporate professionals: having been part of corporate teams as a lawyer for more than 15 years helps to understand challenges that corporate professionals. You will tackle issues that are encountered in your corporate life; colleagues, management, leadership, work life balance, setting goals for the future.

Business Owners: being independent, innovative and hardworking is challenging; the journey can be lonely and finding continued inspiration is hard. We will regain inspiration to pick up new business ideas, new channels, become more innovative, more digital and together come up with new ideas.

How does it worK?

Solution Based: the coaching is solution based (instead of problem based). The ingredients are derived from transactional analysis, exercises relating to personal values and talents, logical levels of thinking Dilts Bateson, stimulating and limiting scripts, role playing scenarios, visualization, stress management, creative (writing) exercises – some focusing and performance optimisation techniques. Everything as it becomes relevant during the journey, not dictated by the program. Patience and intuition is guiding.

I follow up – between sessions – with short (writing or drawing) assignments, inspirational podcasts, TEDtalks, articles and book suggestions,  available in a secure client login area. Google docs, Headspace, time tracking apps, and Slack are used to jointly work on documents in private mode, where needed.